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LARGE Mussels in pickled sauce. 8/12 pieces.

Large Mussels carefully selected by "Serrats" Preserves, in pickled sauce and packaged in a can.

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Large Mussels in pickled sauce

The elaboration of the Large Mussels in pickled sauce begins with the selection of the finest quality raw materials. "Serrats" Preserves acquires the mussels at the best moment of the season, and when they have reached the desired size. "Serrats" Preserves only commercialize Large Mussels (8-12 pieces per can), which requires a longer time.

The careful elaboration of the pickled sauce, the appropriate quantity inside the can, along with the meticulous handling, cleaning and placement of the Mussels by expert hands, make the Large Mussels in pickled sauce a delicacy with an attractive appearance.

Mussels contains 12,4% of proteins, especially recommended for people who practice sport. The Mussels in pickled sauce may be used in a large number of fish recipes and are also themselves an excellent appetizer.

Due to the selection of Large Mussels of the finest quality, the Mussels in pickled sauce of "Serrats" Preserves are a gourmet product, which combines the sea taste with the flavour of the traditional pickled sauce.

Nutritional facts for 100g
Energy 261kcal - 1092,02kJ
Fat 20,8g
of which Saturated Fat 2,3g
Carbohydrates 6g
of which sugars <0,05g
Protein 12,4g
Salt 1,75g